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From Greece

Accreditation, permit of residence, Swedish language, licensing, specialist training, et cetera.

17 dec 2018, 12:27

Hello dear colleagues
I have a complicated problem.
I have a medical diploma from EU country (Greece)
After medical school I receive my medical license, I continued with something like first aid services at small village ( it was necessary in my country in case that you want to keep working in public health hospitals) for almost a year.
Then I started training in general surgery for a year and then for five years in orthopaedic surgery and trauma because in Greece orthopaedic speciality is six years.
After this we sit for an exam and we receive the specialist tittle.
The problem now....due to some huge changes on ministry of health these exams will have a delay. I don’t know for how long, ok still keep my position at hospital that I was training, I received all my documents that confirm that I was trained but officially I can’t move on. I was planning to receive my specialist tittle and to travel in Sweden. I tried to contact
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17 dec 2018, 12:34

The Socialstyrelsen but now I am more confuced.
I am ready to translate all my documents and certifications but who is responsible for giving the title ? Is Socialstyrelsen? Is the clinic ?
I found an agency that ask for orthopaedic surgeons without language skills . I can learn the language there but I don’t know from where to start . Can please someone to guide ?
Maybe a Swedish colleague of someone that had a similar problem ?
Thanks and forgive me for my long message
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