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Are 2 year old marks valid? (Canadian/British)

Requirements, application, admission, et cetera.

03 jan 2017, 15:08

I'd like to become a doctor (shocker I know), but I was planning on doing a bachelors first here in Sweden and proceeding to medical school (4 years) in my home country of Canada.
I've applied to Biomed at KI and just gave me a merit score of 22.5 and I'm pretty sure that's high enough to get into med school in Sweden, but I would have to do a swedish course first (probably the year-long one at Lund). I'm currently on my gap year after graduating high school in Canada, and I'm kind of worried that if I do do a year of Swedish at Lund my Canadian grades will be 2 years out of date and less appealing to KI.
I'm aware this a rather unique situation, but does anyone have experience with using marks that are from 2 years prior to get into med school?
Blivande läkarstudent
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04 jan 2017, 16:12

I don't think the old grades would be a problem. You know, you could get into läkarprogrammet straight up with those grades and take usmle/the canadian variant after a few years less.

06 jan 2017, 19:16

@halu but don't I need to take the högskoleprovet in order to be competitive with the other swedish students? All of the medicals programs that I have read about in Sweden do some sort of split between school marks and högskoleprovet so I worry that I wouldn't be good enough. Plus I absolutely need to take some sort of swedish course beforehand because the general requirements of taking any swedish program is some sort of exam or class proving that I can speak the language.
Blivande läkarstudent
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06 jan 2017, 23:28

You have the highest grades 22.5/22.5. When you got the grades doesn't matter. They can't become outdated as far as I know.

1/3 of all the applicants are taken in on their grades. If you have the same grades as somebody else KI will compare högskoleprov-results. You don't need to write too high if you're going to use it as an additional merit so take some time to get familiar with the country and learn Swedish. You will ace the English part. The math will be easy for you. The only obstacle is really the Swedish part.(Maybe it's not even necessary to write högskoleprovet check

1/3 are taken in strictly on their results on högskoleprovet.
1/3 are taken in through a slightly more complicated type of admission with tests and interviews.

Good luck. We need more Canadians! :ja:

07 jan 2017, 12:43

Thanks! This is really helpful, I've changed my application so that the "Qualifying Course in Swedish" courses are my primaries. Really excited to apply for med school nästa år :ler:
Blivande läkarstudent
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