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From Serbia

Accreditation, permit of residence, Swedish language, licensing, specialist training, et cetera.

21 okt 2012, 16:46

Hello :)

I'm medical doctor from non EU (Serbia). I hopefully plan to get a license to practice as MD in Sweden.

If I understood correctly, it takes passing medical knowledge exam and doing internship afterwards.

I read that getting an internship does not bring an automatic residency/work permit.

In what way can I get permit if I wish to go trough this process of getting a license?

Thank you in advance.

21 okt 2012, 20:02

What reason make you want to move to Sweden and work?

You should talk with the swedish migration board ( - you should know they are really though - but there are some exemptions which make it easier.

However you should consider learning swedish before coming here - because it's a requirement for the employers and if you're going to work here, it's very important for the patients safety and your practicing.

Blivande läkarstudent
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28 okt 2012, 16:44

Hi Plazma!

The Swedish Medical Association has written a brief overview here:

This page may also be of interest:

Feel free to ask more questions if anything is unclear or if any further questions come to mind!
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