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Kicked out from the uni?

Requirements, application, admission, et cetera.

06 jan 2016, 19:09

Does anybody know what happens if one fails the 1st termin courses? I feel like I will have many problems ahead if I start to study medicine in Sweden because my Swedish is not really fluent.

How "easily" are you kicked out from the uni if studies are not going well?

06 jan 2016, 22:04

No need to worry. If you fail the examination you're still allowed to continue into the next term. You will not be kicked out from the school
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07 jan 2016, 10:03

Have you completed SAS 3 or its equivalent? If so, you should do okay in a Swedish medical school. I'm a native English speaker who began medical school in Sweden less than one year after starting to learn Swedish. Everything is certainly more challenging due to the language, but it's doable. It just may take you longer to study, prepare a written assignment, etc. The key is to take one day at a time.
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07 jan 2016, 11:11

I've studied Swedish at school six years so I have a background. Was just wondering is it still enough. Got surprisingly a study place and trying to figure out what to do. Also I'm worried about Swedish rules that timetables are really hard and you have to start all the courses in order to keep your place. Finding a house this fast from Stockholm is tricky and also that you have to be present all the time in order to keep your place. (I would need to work in Sweden to finance the studies.)

07 jan 2016, 12:34

It's probably enough. Have you already been accepted into a program or are you just thinking about it? UHR will need to determine whether your prior Swedish studies are sufficient to satisfy the language requirement. You may have to take a Swedish exam to demonstrate your proficiency before you can even apply to medical school. Not to mention all the other prerequisites...

It sounds like you're living in Sweden now. Are you an EU citizen?

07 jan 2016, 12:39

Sorry, that was me above, but I wasn't signed in. I just reread what you wrote and saw that you've been accepted.

Just go for it! Many students struggle to find housing, but they figure it out eventually. Do you qualify for CSN?
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07 jan 2016, 12:43

I got the place already, and now having second thoughts. I'm a Finn, so no need to demonstrate my language skills (2nd official language in Finland). My main concerns are the strict rules of Swedish universities. If I understood correctly I am kicked out permanently from medschool if I'm not present in all the lectures (KI) and at the moment it seems quite difficult because I do not yet have a room or job. And if I manage to find a job that would mean I cannot be present all the time.

Is it really so that if somebody is not present in termin 1 will lose the study place without considerations? Ofc I would do intro course etc. they seem to have... But maybe studying will be too difficult to finance for me and I have to bury my dream.

07 jan 2016, 12:44

And cannot have any student money or loan from Sweden (nor Finland), so working is the only solution.

07 jan 2016, 16:11

I think you should check with a studievägledare at KI regarding their attendance policy. I would be surprised if all lectures were obligatory. You could always try to get a job that would allow you to work weekends. I'm surprised you don't qualify for any grants or loans from Finland. I have a few Finns in my class, but I'm not sure how they support themselves.
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07 jan 2016, 16:46

Ahh well I'm oldie goldie, so no more student money to spend... So basically this is only a problem for an old student. I'm quite convinced not going to give up my hopes and just going to bank to get an extremely big loan to live and hope that pays back some day. ;)