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Highschool equivalent

Requirements, application, admission, et cetera.

25 okt 2013, 09:30

Hello guys,

I am a last year medical student (finished all theoretical course) and missed only the graduation exam. Regarding the situation in the country it is not possible for me to graduate from there.

I am currently living in Sweden. I have read a lot about that I must be admitted in Semester one then to try to transfer credits of my previous studies. :smart:

As I understood (I hope I am wrong) that to be admitted to Medicine you need to get 20/20 in High school. I evaluated my marks to the Swedish System and I got 19.38 regardless of the merit thing, so basically with merit I would get 21.88. Is that enough?

Is it possible for me to be admitted at all? are there anyways to improve the grades? :ledsen:

I hope that you could help me with this.

Many thanks
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25 okt 2013, 09:47

Hi Basel,

Sorry to hear about your situation. How frustrating that you were almost finished but then not able to graduate! Have you contacted the medical schools here in Sweden and asked them directly what you need to do? What you have read sounds like it could be right but don't assume anything is correct until you hear from the universities themselves.

Are you learning Swedish now? There is a Swedish language proficiency requirement that foreigners must attain. I believe there is an English language requirement that you must meet as well. There are specific classes and exams that you need to take in order to satisfy these prerequisites.

21.88 may be a bit low, but it looks like students with slightly lower scores have been admitted to some Swedish medical schools in the past. You should definitely take the Högskoleprov in the spring, as there is a separate quota for that.

Hopefully some other people will respond with advice. Good luck!
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25 okt 2013, 13:26

Hello Basel,

Like bluejay43 wrote, your current grade score should be enough for admission through the BI quota (grades without post-graduation supplements). You also have the possibility to take supplementary (komvux) courses to reach 22.50 in the BII quota (grades with post-graduation supplements).

Taking the SweSAT (högskoleprov) is also a possibility, since it could not only open the door for you in the HP quota but the SweSAT scores are also used as a first step in the test- and interview-based local admission at the Karolinska Institute. In includes a Swedish-language part, however, so the test is considered to be more challenging for those coming from a non-Swedish background.

Not all medical schools require that you first apply for the 1st semester. You should try contacting Umeå University and talk with them about which possibilities are open to you for admission to higher semesters.

Depending on the situation in your original country, it might also be worth trying to get admitted citing "special reasons" (though this is usually in reference to significant outside negative impacts on high school grades rather than medical school studies, so I do not know whether this really is a possibility for you - but hey, it can't hurt your chances for you to inquire about it). In this instance, it might be a good idea to start talking with Umeå University as well since you might be contacting them anyway.

Also, like bluejay43 wrote, Swedish knowledge is a basic requirement for admission.

Feel free to ask further questions!
/ Nils
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30 okt 2013, 06:43

Also remember that you are going to need "official grades" from your previous studies. Can you get that from your country?

Good luck,
Confused Mom
Confused Mom
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