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ST in radiology?

Accreditation, permit of residence, Swedish language, licensing, specialist training, et cetera.

15 sep 2016, 12:18

Hello everyone!
I am a bit confused about my situation as I really want to study in Sweden.
I am currently in EU country studying 1st residency year in radiology but my aim is to get to sweden to continue my residency in radiology there. Currently I am studying svenska in my native country and in summer I aim to get B2.
So my questions are:
1 - Is it possible to continue as ST läkere in radiology without going through underläkere? If that is possible than would I be as 2nd year ST läkere (will they include/transform my first year training subjects there) or would I be again as 1st year ST lakere?
2 - If that is not possible - will that be as an advantage in interview for getting spot in radiology in ST läkere studies? And than I guess I should go as underlakere before?

Also - underlakere means that I work 6 months as general practitioner (in emergency department or in internal medicine department or also in surgery or gynecology?)

Mycket thack!

16 sep 2016, 23:14


To get a Swedish medical license you need at least level C1 in Swedish. Can you please clarify if you are a EU citizen and where you studied medicine? The explanation you provided can be interpret in different ways and the process is different depending on the answer.

Technically you are an underläkare until you qualify as a specialist. If you have a license you can apply for a ST-position like a work. It is not like school where you follow a schedule and then graduate as a specialist like in most eastern European countries. Hence it is not divided in years in Sweden. Instead socialstyrelsen has a list of demands that you need to master and it takes minimum five years to complete the list.

Temporary positions as underläkare is usually six months and a good way to get experience. They are available in all departments.

17 sep 2016, 07:20

Hej and thank you for a reply!
Yes, I am EU citizen and I have finished medical studies (it takes 6 years in Baltic countries) and I starrted my residency (the same as fellowship or ST läkere) here, so I had those two questions below.
And about swedish language level I have searched information and some of counties still approve B2 and others as I understood (correct me if I am wrong) demands C1 but if you have B2 level, they organise intensive classes for C1 level and du studerar that C1 there! Something similair as in Germany as I know). Also I know a person who also have finished med school and had B1 level actually in swedish but she communicated very good in swedish so hospital (somewhere in south sweden) took her as underläkere anyway and organized additional swedish classes for her. It was last year.

Also could you please tell me if I go as underläkere and later as ST läkere, do they have specific dates of the year when they accept new underläkere and ST läkere or I can just send my CV (when I have language level) any time of the year and if all goes well, hospotal takes me as underläkere or ST läkere?

Tack så mycket!

17 sep 2016, 15:28

Once upon a time there were no language requirements for EU-educated doctors. I think we all can imagine how that went. So it became up to the counties in each region to set their own standard. Most of them sat the bar at B2 or C1. However, since April this year a new regulation on patient safety states that all foreign educated doctors, except from the Nordic countries, must show proof of Swedish level C1 to get a license to practice medicine from The national board of health and welfare (Socialstyrelsen).

I have also heard about counties that provide language education in the past, but I don’t know if it is still available since the new regulation. I did a quick search on vacant undeläkar- and ST-positions and they all demanded level C1 if they brought it up as information.

There are no specific dates to look after. Vacancies are announced on each counties website and in Läkartidningen.