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Newspaper: clinics help introducing doctors to Sweden

Accreditation, permit of residence, Swedish language, licensing, specialist training, et cetera.

08 okt 2012, 19:24

A Swedish newspaper just ran an article about introduction of foreign physicians which I thought would be of interest to you all:

Nya Wermlands-Tidningen - "utländska läkare slussas in via vårdcentral"

And here is my attempt at a condensed translation of the text...

The clinic in Munkfors has been training foreign doctors for the healthcare in Värmland County on a trial basis. The trial has been working so well that the Västerstrand clinic in Karlstad now adopts the same model.

Värmland County has a shortage of doctors, especially general practitioners. The Munkfors solution is to employ doctors from other countries on a 6-month basis which gradually integrates them into the routines and practices of Swedish healthcare under the supervision of experienced doctors. The assigned tasks gradually become more challenging until the supervising doctor is satisfied that the doctor in training is capable of working as a physician in a Swedish workplace.

The Västerstrand clinic just employed two foreign doctors, one from Romania and one from Ukraine. Viktoriia Semenova enjoys her time at the clinic:
One thing that is good with this training is that you get so much time for speaking with the patients. Everyone is so friendly, both patients and colleagues.
Prior to getting a position like this, however, doctors are required to have a sufficient proficiency in spoken Swedish.
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