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Possibility to study medicine as a foreigner?


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02 sep 2014, 13:22

Hey lakstud ,I just saw your post :p
No, I did the "tawjeehi" in Bahrain ( very smiler to the tawjeehi in Jordan tho)
My score in tawjeehi was 95.9%, 100% is the max and 50% is the lowest. If I count it right, then my Swedish GPA would be 19.18 , I don't know if that is good or not? . Anyway I'm still waiting for UHR to evaluate my General Secondary Education Certificate ( tawjeehi).
Thanks man :) :)

29 aug 2014, 20:36

Vor90. Did you do the Jordanian tawjeehi? What was your score if I may ask? As you can also have a look at this webpage and roughly convert your score to swedish GPA.

See this: ... asiebetyg/

See this pdf as well:älningskatalog/UHRFS-2013-1.pdf

Good luck with your application :)

27 aug 2014, 22:50

Depending on the extent of those courses, you may be allowed to at least skip some parts. The first semester of Swedish medical school is often focused on biochemistry and cellular biology, though some medical schools are more system-oriented (particularly Linköping University).

27 aug 2014, 22:01

I studied at the university of Jordan. I finished the following :
- Anatomy and Embryology
- Introduction to physiology
- 2 Biochemistry courses
- General Histology
- Introduction to pharmacology
- Introduction to Microbiology
- community medicine
- Introduction to pathology
- Chemistry, Practical Chemistry and Organic Chemistry (i have finished these courses in school too, but i retook them again in the university as it was required to do so in the first year )
- Biology and Practical Biology ( same here )
- Physics for med students

I started with :
- The endocrine system
- Skin and Loco-motor system ( Musculoskeletal System)
- Introduction to Immunology
- Principles of Genetics and Molecular biology
but i only passed the Musculoskeletal system with a very bad result, and i failed with the others since i didn't do the exams.

some facts about Faculty of Medicine in the university of Jordan.
- if you failed in one subject, you have to repeat the whole year ( even if you got A's in the other subjects )
- The university follows the system based learning ( for example The Musculoskeletal system, they'd study everything about muscles and bones, Anatomy, Biochemistry, pathology....etc and then they'd jump to another system )

BTW,Thank you Nils for the information you provided about the SweSAT.
I have been looking at some old "Hogskoleprovet" tests, the math part is a bit challenging. Its equivalent to what i have been taking in secondary school i must say, so im not worried about this part of the test its actually fun .
im more worried about the swedish part since im aiming to get the max . It has been going good for me in Swedish so far (been getting few A's here and there :P) , but im too shy to use it except in work lol . anyway i have already ordered a book to help me with the "Hogskoleprovet" hard questions that my psychologist recommended for me ( he got 1.9 xD), because im planing to give it a shot in October. Vi får se hur det blir . :glad:

27 aug 2014, 17:07

Where did you study before? What subjects did you take during the first year?

As for the SweSAT, half of the points are based on logical-mathematical abilities and half of the points are based on linguistic abilities; most of the language questions concern Swedish vocabulary and reading comprehension, though some questions focus on English (and Swedish contains a number of Latin or Latin-derived words, so familiarity with Latin, French or even English may help with some of the vocabulary questions).

Still, the SweSAT is more challenging for people with a foreign background because of the Swedish-language questions - so when you train Swedish and later start preparing for the SweSAT, go at it with determination and a fighting spirit. And don't fear taking the SweSAT more than once, you are allowed an unlimited number of tries and only your best score will count - so you could actually take the test one or a few times to try it out before doing it "seriously".

27 aug 2014, 06:23

Thanks for the answers guys . Now at least I know I have a chance to get in as a foreigner. I'm feeling so positive about this , and I'm planing to do the SweSAT before I apply ofc.

To be honest with you guys, I have been accepted before in a med school . I almost finished my 2nd year before I dropped out due to a serious family problems . I developed anaxity and depresstion after I dropped out , the pressure killed me .

I will do whatever possible to finish my studies here in sweden , even if I have start all over again.

22 aug 2014, 17:49

I stand corrected. Thanks for the clarification, Nils.

22 aug 2014, 16:11

Actually, Linköping University has a special admissions quota (12 persons per admission opportunity) for those who have done previous work in healthcare.

However, the requirement is 2 years of working (with a minimum of 50 % of full time, i.e. at least 20 hours per week) after your 19th birthday and you would also have to get a decent SweSAT (Högskoleprovet) score in order to be competitive.

21 aug 2014, 17:13

Good to hear that your grades are stellar. No, working in a healthcare setting is of no import when it comes to medical school admissions. Admissions are based solely on your grades and/or Högskoleprovet score. There is at least one school that does hold interviews as a means of admission, but I'm not too familiar with it. Extracurriculars or past experiences are of no merit.

21 aug 2014, 15:05

Ohh great !!!! Yes, I do have top marks in all of my classes . Another question , do you think working inom vård will give me extra points or a lil bit of advantage ? , because right now I have a one year contract ( full time job) som vårdbitade i ett äldreboende .