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Information for foreign medical graduates

InläggPostat: 28 okt 2012, 15:25
av Nils
This thread is a "work in progress" with the purpose to gather relevant information and useful website links in a single place so that they are easier to find. The list, being considered incomplete, should therefore not be used as the only guide to entering Sweden as a foreign medical graduate.

Of course, all suggestions for additional inclusions are welcome!

Abbreviations used below:
FMG = Foreign medical graduate (graduated outside of EU/EEA)
EMG = European medical graduate (graduated within EU/EEA)
AT = "allmäntjänstgöring", 18-24 months of postgraduate internship

General info
Swedish language requirements to practice medicine
Work and residency permits
Accreditation of international medical degrees
Knowledge test (FMGs only)
Supplementary one-year programme (FMGs only)
Application for license to practice as a doctor of medicine in Sweden