Why register on the forum?

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Why register on the forum?

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It is perfectly possible to post without registering. All you need to do is click on the button to post a reply or start a new thread and answer a question to prove that you are a human person and not a spambot.

The correct answer depends on which language you have chosen in the dropdown menu (in the blue field at the top). For American/British English and for Danish, the correct answer is:
while for Swedish and Finnish, it is:
The "username" field is optional for guest users; it simply specifies the name that will be attached to the post (and does not initiate any login or registration process). If it is left empty, a default poster name will be chosen.

Basically, registering an account is voluntary and not required to participate on the forum. There are, however, some significant benefits to using a registered account:
  • The ability to see a list of posts which you have not yet read.
  • The ability to edit posts after submitting them.
  • Ownership of your username - nobody else can pretend to be you.
  • After writing your first post on the forum, you also gain:
    • The ability to send and receive private messages.
As a registered user, you also gain these abilities:
  • The ability to start polls / questions.
  • The ability to create an automatic signature for all your posts.
  • The ability to use a portrait picture to go with your posts.
  • The ability to use the quick reply function.
  • The ability to subscribe to threads and get e-mail when new replies are posted.