How to view the forum in a different language

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How to view the forum in a different language

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The forum software does not currently support language options for non-registered visitors. It is, however, possible for registered users to change the language settings.

To register and change the language of the forum interface (buttons et cetera):
  1. In the top right corner, click on the link "Bli medlem".
  2. This should take you to a new page about registering on the forum. In the top right corner there is a dropdown box which says "Svenska".
  3. Click it and select another language. The text on the registration page should now switch to that language.
  4. Complete the registration process. As long as you stay logged in, the forum interface will keep using the chosen language.
  5. Whenever you need to log in again, just click on the link "Logga in".
    "Användarnamn" means "User name"
    "Lösenord" means "Password"
If your language is not yet included in the list of available countries, feel free to suggest its inclusion here:

Note that the language settings affect only the forum interface - text in posts and topic names is not affected. If you want to get such texts translated as well, you can use Google Translate; just submit the web address of the page which you would like to translate and click on the url returned - or click on the link below: ... 57&act=url