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Accreditation, permit of residence, language, licensing, specialist training, et cetera.
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From Turkey

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Hello everyone,
First of all, thank you for that forum, it helps me so much about work as a doctor in Sweden. But i have still questions about.

I'm on my last year in my medical education in Turkey and i will graduate in July 2019. And i want to live in Sweden and i already started learning Swedish. Yeah i have 2 option, working 18 month and taking AT, or taking proficiency test and 2-part TULE exam. I want to choose TULE way.

1) My medical school is
Is there any site can i check my school is equivalent to Swedish system? Or only way is this --> ... -education

If is not equal whats the procedure? I cannot find something in web.

2) If I pass TULE exam and also pass Swedish proficiency test so that means Sweden recognizes me as a doctor/general practitioner, and if i want to specialize can i start ST? Or should i do training or working because i'm foreign student?

And if i pass all exams, how many years Sweden recognizes me as a doctor? If i go Turkey and come back to Sweden after 1-2 years, can Sweden recognize me as a doctor still?

3)As a general practititoner, where can i work ? Do Socialstyrelsen give a job or can i find where to work? And after starting work as general practitioner, how much money will i earn, on average?

4)Actually, i dont like so much of clinical side of medicine, i like research side, and also i'm interested in medical technologies and technological researches. Do you have any advices for me?

5)I know this is not the site but, maybe you can give me information. My girlfriend will become physiotherapist after 2 years, but i cannot find too much information about their exam. Before it was TEUS exam but it already changed and i cannot find too much thing about how physiotherapist from outside EU can work in Sweden. If you know something about that topic, you'll make me really happy :glad:

And lastly can i find PDF or books written in Swedish to study TULE exam? That's also help me to pass Swedish medical proficiency test and helps to my Swedish learning process.

Thank you for help :glad:
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From Turkey

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Hello @Turkerbdonmez,

I'm from Lyon, France. I've been trying to find the resources for the exams too (as I prepare to study Medicine in Sweden). Additionally, I learn Swedish as a second language (and using Memrise, Duolingo too).
Here's what I found: ... ency-tests ... mpel14.pdf
Are these reliable resources?
Thank you!
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From Turkey

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Here are answers to some of the questions above, in case they are useful to anyone who passes by here in the future:

Socialstyrelsen is the only place, if I recall correctly.

If a medical degree is not deemed equivalent of a Swedish medical degree, it is possible to take additional training at a university. ... n-asessed/

The TULE test has been replaced by a new proficiency test. ... or-lakare/

Once you have a Swedish medical license, you are eligible to start BT and ST.

The Swedish medical license does not expire automatically.

As a general practitioner you are eligible to work at any hospital or health care central.

Socialstyrelsen only handles the licensing process; it does not offer employment services.

Universities and medical industry companies may offer non-clinical jobs to physicians.
Clinical experience is, however, valued in the medical industry sector.

Information for physiotherapist can be found here: ... sId=100025

RD) is the website of Karolinska Institutet, which is a highly relevant and reliable source in this matter. is the website of Södertörn College, which does not offer any MD qualification services.
lä should not be considered a source by itself, but instead a (hopefully helpful) site and forum with collections of references to primary sources.
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