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Job as a Underläkare before AT

Postat: 04 nov 2017, 22:43
av Soroush
Hello Everyone!

I was wondering if you can help me to find a temporary position as Underläkare for at least 6 month before I can apply for AT.
I contacted HR at many landstinget and several hospitals tried to look online especially on Indeed but they mostly don't respond or reject :ledsen:
I'm a Iranian citizen but I finished my medical school in Poland and I already got my Permission from Socialstyrelsen for Underläkare and AT.
My language skill is not bad but im still studying swedish and i'm hoping to get my B2 level soon.

I really appreciate any help or tips!!

Thank you

Job as a Underläkare before AT

Postat: 01 dec 2017, 02:05
av Nils
Hello Soroush,
The competition may be less intense for positions at health care centrals, when compared to hospitals.
Rural areas may also be easier to find a position in, unless you want to restrict your search to a specific part of Sweden.
Have you had any luck since you wrote your last post?

Job as a Underläkare before AT

Postat: 19 feb 2018, 13:49
av Soroush
Hello Nils,

To be honest no...I have applied and contacted to wherever I could find but it's more difficult than what I expected.
I have had an interview in december and they accepted but they have changed their mind after couple of weeks and they even reply my emails anymore....even to tell me the reason!...I am not sure its because im not a EU citizen or something else...
I don't have any restriction but it's hard to find the responsible or contact person but I will keep trying.
Thank you for your advices!

Best regards,

Job as a Underläkare before AT

Postat: 20 feb 2018, 09:46
av Johannes
Hi Soroush!

I would also suggest that you try the health care centers. There are hundreds throughout the country. Especially in rural areas they are in need of doctors. It might be a bit more difficult for you if you don't speak Swedish since a lot of the patients are elderly and won't speak a lot of English.

Otherwise try and contact the "AT-studierektor". Thats the person that mainly deals with the AT-doctors but they usually know who to contact to apply for underläkar-jobs.

I would recommend that you apply for jobs mainly far away from the university hospitals since there is the fiercest competition. Talk to some Swedish people who went to your school in Poland, there sould be some? And ask them about good smaller hospitals!

Job as a Underläkare before AT

Postat: 05 jul 2018, 09:33
av Lester_246
Hi sorash, i m also studying in Poland and would be graduating next year. I would like to work in Sweden . Could you give me more information regarding about visa and application as a non eu citizenship