"Reservplats" and acceptance


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Expandera Trådhistorik: "Reservplats" and acceptance

"Reservplats" and acceptance

av Nils » 10 jan 2021, 15:42

Thank you very much for your kind words! :glad:

"Reservplats" and acceptance

av Confused Mom » 11 feb 2019, 23:17

And finally, kiddo graduated!
Didn't get AT yet but has a job as an Underläkare for 6 months. Kiddo expects to get AT after working at the hospital.
I really appreciate you keeping this forum alive!

"Reservplats" and acceptance

av Confused Mom » 04 jul 2018, 18:59

Just wanted to let you know that my student will graduate from Uppsala Uni in Jan 2019. I appreciate all the help and support you gave us back in the beginning!


Re: "Reservplats" and acceptance

av Nils » 09 sep 2013, 13:02

Congratulations! :)

Re: "Reservplats" and acceptance

av Confused Mom » 05 sep 2013, 09:17

Well...kiddo is studying in Uppsala!

Re: "Reservplats" and acceptance

av Confused Mom » 07 aug 2013, 02:30

Thanks so much for your quick reply. Feeling less confused and hopeful!

Re: "Reservplats" and acceptance

av Nils » 07 aug 2013, 00:54

It has never happened before in Uppsala that reserve #3 (after phase 2) was not offered a spot in quota BII, so I would guess that your kid will be living there (though this is not yet 100 % for certain, just very likely, and the spot might also be offered after the start date in Linköping).

You interpret the antagning.se statistics correctly; after phase 1 a total of 12 spots were taken by applicants and following phase 2 a total of 13 spots were taken by applicants. You also have the right idea of how the waitlist progression works.

They usually try to call several times. I am not sure if they will send an e-mail though I would expect them to, should the phone call fail. To stay on the safe side, it might be a good idea to contact them directly (the admission unit of Uppsala University or the student counselor for the medical degree program) and let them know that the spot would be taken if offered and that any offer is best sent through e-mail because of the current geographic location.

Re: "Reservplats" and acceptance

av Confused Mom » 06 aug 2013, 20:27

Ok, now we have more information.

Waitlisted BII

3 in Uppsala
10 in Stockholm
Still holding a place in Linköping

I figure my kid will need to start at Linköping on the 26th.
It's strange that they start the earliest of all the schools.
Luckily we have family there, so there is a place on a sofa for awhile!

Can you explain the Antagning.se statistics a little bit for me?

Univ/högskola Urvalsgrupp Antagningspoäng Antagna Reserver
Urval 1 Uppsala universitet BII 22.50 12 948
Urval 2 Uppsala universitet BII 22.50 13 495

So I see the numbers saying - They took in 12 people on the 1st round
then on the 2nd round they still have 12 people plus they took in one extra for a total of 13 students in the BII group.

Because my kid was number 14 in Uppsala earlier I am going to think that of the people that were wait-listed 1-11 either they changed their mind to study in Uppsala or up to 11 people got accepted elsewhere and gave up their spots in Uppsala.

I am probably not making this very clear, sorry! Did I understand this part correctly?

Next question -
So when we look at your statistics from BII for Uppsala Reservantagningsgräns
med HP-urskiljning reservnummer efter urval 2
VT13 HT12 VT12 HT11 VT11 HT10 VT10
#3 #7 #7 #3 #5 #6 #15

In the past Uppsala has been calling the people that were Wait-listed (for the most part) #1 - 3 and sometimes up to #6 or 7 and adding them to the class. So, it seems like there is a very good chance my kid will get in to Uppsala. At least I hope so! My kid has a job and an apartment there.... What do you think?

And my final question.....
My kid is here in the USA until the 23rd. Will Uppsala only call once and then move on to call another person? How can my kid make sure they find out if they are called, will Uppsala send an email too?

Thanks for all your time and answers to all the people at this site!

Re: "Reservplats" and acceptance

av Nils » 21 jul 2013, 11:17

I have sent you an e-mail regarding your problem with signing in.

Re: "Reservplats" and acceptance

av Very Confused Mom » 21 jul 2013, 10:38

Sorry Nils, I have been trying to answer for a few days. I can't sign in and I can't seem to get a new code either.

Thank you very much for your answer. It clarified things for me. Now we will just cross our fingers (American custom) and hold our thumbs!