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Italian visiting student

InläggPostat: 13 jan 2014, 11:15
av AntoGCS
Hej everybody,
I am an Italian medical student and a newbie in this forum, even though I have followed it a bit during last months.

Considering the importance of reference in order to get accepted for an AT (as far as stated in other posts) I was going to ask if I could be eligible to be a visiting student for a month during spring in Sweden.
I am working on my thesis in neurosurgery and that is,of course, the field I am interested in.

I have thought about writing to Karolinska and Lund university professors.
Do you think it's a wise and possible plan? Any other suggestions?

PS: I am not a medical graduates, I know, but I really didn't have any clue about where to post this thread.


Re: Italian visiting student

InläggPostat: 16 jan 2014, 19:44
av Nils
Salve Antonio,

I am not sure if it is possible outside of the usual exchange student programmes, such as Erasmus; my first recommendation would be that you check with your local exchange office. Of course, it can never hurt to ask the universities directly. If you know any professor who has connections there and could recommend you, that might also help things.

What kind of visit are you considering - exchange student (taking classes), just observation or doing research?