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Can anyone help me calculate my meritvärde?

Requirements, application, admission, et cetera.

29 nov 2013, 16:33

Hi everyone I am a former IB graduate here in Sweden. I would appreciate any kind of advice from anyone who may have a slightly clearer vision than I do!

It took me quite a few years of exploring different options till I decided I wanted to have a go at läkarprogrammet in Sweden. However as I had no idea this was my ambition in my IB times, I did not take the natural science subjects that I needed for the entry requirement (Fysik 2, Kemi 2, Matte 4, Svenska som andraspråk 3). I have 19,31 as a slutbetyg in swedish system from my IB diploma but I have also taken subjects that supposedly gives me 2.5 meritpoints on top of 19,31 that I have. So as far as my understanding, I currently have 21.8 points without the points from behörighetskompletteringar.

I have since then attended komvux to complete Kemi 1, Fysik 1a, SAS 2, Kemi 2 and Matte 4. Now I am aware of the fact that its only the grades from Kemi 2, Fysik 2, Matte 4 and SAS 3 that will count as to either decrease or increase the points I have now.

My question then is : how do you add the grades you get from komvux onto the avsnittet that I have now? I see all these formulas on and I can count for as many hours as I want NOT knowing that it is the correct way. I would appreciate ANY kind of help here I am quite desperate at this point.

IF i dont get an A in these subjects, how will it decrease my points ?

To sum it up:

1. I currently have 21.8 points and my goal is to reach 22.5 to have a chance to get into läkarprogrammet.
2. I am currently taking kemi 2 and matte 4 at komvux and wondering how the grades from those courses will add to my existing 21.8.
3. IF i dont get an A, how will it affect my current points?

Please help out a desperate soul here !
Best regards,

P.S. Step 2 in the following steps is what I have problem with (found on

Ditt meritvärde:
1. Total points räknas om till 10-20-skalan enligt tabellen på sista sidan.
2. Behörighetskompletteringar läggs till.
3. Eventuell meritpoäng läggs till (max 2,5).
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29 nov 2013, 17:35


The formula for getting your new grade after komplettering with komvux is:

Meritvärde after komplettering=
(Old meritvärde×2500+1.2B)/(2500+A)+ Mk

A=sum of the pts of the courses complemented with ( in your case 200 since Kem 2 and Matte 4 are 100 pts each)
B= the sum of the numerical values gotten from each course multiplied by course's points ( A=20 B=17.5 C=15 D=12.5 E=10, so if u got like A in kem 2 u multiply the grade 20 with the course's pts which is 100 to get 2000, so kem 2 and matte 4 will give 4000 together if u got an A in both.)
Mk= meritpoäng compensation which is constant and in your case is 2.5

Now assume u got an A in both kem 2 and matte 4 then you calculate and get the meritvärde:

Also it seems ( correct me if I'm wrong) that if you get below a B in a course you will decrease your meritvärde and with B increase a little and with A increase more.

I also want to tell you that neither the courses kem 1 nor fy 1 will be calculated into your new meritvärde unless it raises it, which you will need an A or a B to achieve.
But the specific perquisites ( kem 2, fy 2, bio 2, matte 4)
will always be included regardless if your meritvärde is raised or lowered.

Hope I helped

29 nov 2013, 18:25

Dear Struggle,
Thank you so much your explanation helped so much in clarifying things!
After my calculation I came to know that amongst 5 subjects I have taken/will be taking in the future, I can only afford to have one B and rest all As in order for me to achieve 22.5.

However as I feel like getting an A in matte 4 and fysik 2 may drag things out a bit too much for me, I am considering highering my grade with other subjects that I already have in slutbetyg (if that applies generally to IB diploma students as well) at komvux together with Kemi 2 and SAS 3 to reach 22.5 and THEN taking rest of the requirements, fysik 2 and matte 4 at KTH in a bastermin (as this wont affect my avsnittet). Do you think this is a solid plan or would it be a smoother process to just invest everything at komvux and try to get all As and at least one B?
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29 nov 2013, 19:47

If you are sure regarding your abilities in the subjects you are planning to take, I think that is a very sound plan.

29 nov 2013, 19:59

I want to add though that there's been a trend in the last few years that the BII quotas are becoming less difficult to get into, as in 22.5 isn't a must. If you look over the admission statistics, Linköping, Umeå and Örebro all have admitted people in the 22.1-22.2 range, not in the first urval but in the later stages. This is especially true during the vårtermin when it is relatively easier to get a spot. So you do not have to aim for that perfect 22.5 as you can get somewhat lower and still be admitted.

29 nov 2013, 20:21

hmm do you mean even without having done högskoleprovet? I would be willing to spend another half a year to reach 22.5 if that can get me a place at KI tho:)..
you think that could be a possibility? KI in the quota BII with a 22.5 ?
(I will certainly have a go at hp but i do think my swedish language skills would somewhat limit me from getting a competitive grade with other swedish fellow students)
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29 nov 2013, 20:45

To get into KI with BII you'd need a decent hp score, as the lowest grade admitted in the BII in the last spring term had a 22.5 and a 1.25 score and the meritvärde never dropped below the maximum. You're right, not being on par Swedish wise with the other people who sit the exam can be quite a disadvantage. But I'm sure if you're good at maths it could somehow compensate a low verbal score, but not a very low one. I do recommend though thinking through the alternatives you have. Relocating (assuming you live in Stockholm) to attend other universities in the country isn't a death sentence, change is inevitable and you could also save some time :P

That's my 2 cents. Do what you think is the most fitting though =].

29 nov 2013, 20:54

Yes I totally agree with you !
I definitely need to do some thinking and weigh my options :)

You've been a great help tho so thank you very much! :)
much appreciated :)
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29 nov 2013, 21:01


I'm another foreigner who has applied for the läkarprogram. I would seriously encourage you to take the Högskoleprov in April, as it can only help your prospects. I took the HP this past October after only having studied Swedish for nine months, and I got a 1,60 (better than 96% of test takers). I got a 2,0 on the math and a 1,2 on the verbal, so there is certainly some truth in the notion that the verbal section is more challenging for foreigners. However, English is my native language, and I did not lose any points on the English sections, which certainly helped to stop the bleeding. I really think the math section is quite easy, provided that you study beforehand and become familiar with the types of questions. On the whole, don't necessarily believe all the hype that the HP is an impossible exam until you've actually taken it.
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02 dec 2013, 14:28

@ bluejay43

Hi, thanks for the post you really inspired me to take HP more positively rather than to dread it :)
Gotta say I'm impressed at your score which must have solely come from much effort and hard work !
May I ask tho, how did you specifically prepare for the HP? Did you mostly work with the past exams or did you have any other strategy? Id love some pointers on that :)

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