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Supplementary grades and "meritpoäng" for foreign grades

InläggPostat: 29 apr 2013, 17:45
av maring
Nils, am sorry i have to write this in English.

Can you please post a link about what you wrote on "kompletering av utländsk gymnasiebetyg" ? The reason of why i ask this is that what i had read was that after "validering" you get some meritpoäng, in this kind of scale:

Preliminärt meritvärde Mk
10,00-11,99 0,50
12,00-12,99 0,75
13,00-13,99 1,00
14,00-14,99 1,25

Preliminärt meritvärde Mk
15,00-15,99 1,50
16,00-16,99 1,75
17,00-17,99 2,00
18,00-18,99 2,25
19,00-20,00 2,50

My Swedish is not that good, sometimes i don't understand these things.

Here is the link where i found this: ... lettering/

What i had understood was that if for example i have 14,5 i will get 1,25 in merit only no matter if i komplete or not, so i thought that if i complete up to 20, my maximum Points would be 21,25.
Are you sure that even the "meritpoäng skala" can go up if i higher my snitt?

Re: Supplementary grades and "meritpoäng" for foreign grades

InläggPostat: 30 apr 2013, 00:44
av Nils
After having read the VHS information more thoroughly, it seems that you are correct about the meritpoäng being locked regardless of supplementary courses.

You should still be able to reach the full 22.50, however, since supplementary courses can take the foreign grade score beyond 20.00 (unlike the case for Swedish grades, where the limit is 20.00 but the supplementary grades can be used to replace weaker grades in the same courses).

The number of supplementary course points required to reach 22.50, assuming an A grade in all of them, should be as below if my calculation is correct:
Kod: Markera allt
(Mprel = foreign grade, Mk = merit bonus points for foreign grades)

If Mprel = 14.5 and Mk = 1.25, the amount of A-graded supplementary course points required to reach 22.5 would be 6,136... (which can be compared to 2,500 points for a standard 3-year Swedish high school education)

In that case, it would probably be better to examine other means of getting into Swedish medical school.

Re: Supplementary grades and "meritpoäng" for foreign grades

InläggPostat: 01 maj 2013, 23:03
av maring
Thanks Nils,

that's what i had also counted out.
The formular doesn't seem very clever though.