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From Poland

InläggPostat: 07 aug 2016, 15:19
av lola12
Hello :)

I am currently studying in Poland and I am also an EU citizen. I am interested in getting an AT position in vasteras, but I am not sure how to find out whether my school has a mutual recognition with Sweden (for medical license). I am learning Swedish also. Do I need to do the AT if my polish medical license is recognized? Also, How difficult would it be for me to find a position in Vasteras?

I am also interested in doing apprenticeship in Sweden during the summer months before I graduate to get some experience. Is it possible and how would I go about doing it?


From Poland

InläggPostat: 11 dec 2016, 19:19
av Soroush

I am a non-EU citizen and I'm hopefully graduating around june 2017 from poland.
In poland medical students do the internship (1 year) after they graduate and take LEK (board exam) in order to get the licence to practice and apply for residency.

As I checked The National Board of Health and Welfare (Socialstyrelsen) website, i understood that I can not start residency in sweden unless i do AT (18-24 month)(plus, at least 6 month of experince as underlakare in order to get into AT) and take AT test and get the licence to start residency, but i have a question!
as I have read in another website I can skip AT if i have certificate that I have passed LEK exam in poland. So can I apply to get the swedish medical licence if I have
1.Medical Diploma (EU from poland)
2. C1 language level in swedish
3.finished LEK exam of poland (Its possible to do the test without doing Internshipin poland)
and basically skip AT and directly apply for residency!
Thank you in advance.


From Poland

InläggPostat: 06 okt 2017, 11:27
av Nils
If a medical graduate holds a Polish medical license, that person can apply immediately for a Swedish medical license. As far as I know, nothing short of a medical license is sufficient for this application.

From Poland

InläggPostat: 06 okt 2017, 11:42
av Nils
To look for apprenticeships during the summer months, contact the human resources departments at Swedish county councils (called either "landsting" or "region").

From Poland

InläggPostat: 05 nov 2017, 20:28
av Soroush
Thank you Nils