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Pass / fail rates for the AT exam

InläggPostat: 24 maj 2013, 11:42
av Nils
Linköping University has studied the development of doctors' performance in the AT test and how it correlates with their universities at graduation.

For those graduating from a Swedish university, the average number of correct answers per university ranged from 76.4 to 78.2 per cent, a universal improvement over the 1995-2008 results where the top university reached an average of 76.2 per cent.

However, EU medical graduates (not including Denmark or Finland) saw a decrease from 72.6 to 71.0 per cent.

The number of medical doctors to pass the AT exam ranged from 96.8 to 98.6 per cent among Swedish universities. For EU medical graduates (again not including Denmark or Finland) the share was 80.9 per cent.

(There should also be a number for foreign, non-EU medical graduates in the report but I have not seen the report itself as of yet; I will have to get back about it later.)

Source (in Swedish):
Journal of the Swedish Medical Association: AT results 2007-2012