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Foreign physician with German language knowledge

Accreditation, permit of residence, Swedish language, licensing, specialist training, et cetera.

06 jan 2013, 22:41

Hallo everybody especially Nils,

Good new year

I m a non-Eu med. Student and i will finish my final Exams in a medical school in a non Eu-land this summer. I can speak both english and german(german very good) and i hope to make the AT in sweden .I have some questions and i will be grateful when i find answers:

1-Whould making a one year internship in my land bevor i apply to sweden make my chances better or not?

2- I know that having very good knowledge in swedish language whould be essential, but can i apply to areas in sweden where the people can understand german and english so i can learn swedish after
taking place in AT? (i must emphasize my view that learning the local language is a must! not only for better communication with the Patients, but also for cultural reasons, so i hope that my question will not be miss understood that i underestimate the importane of learning swedish)
och Jag vill passa på att tacka för informationen.
i prefer to go to rural areas, i m not a fan of big metropoles!
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16 apr 2013, 14:12

Hello Bergsteiger!

Apologies for my late answer, I have been otherwise occupied during the first few months of this year and have barely visited this forum.

As a foreign (not European) medical graduate, you must first demonstrate proficiency in Swedish and pass the TULE test (of medical knowledge). It is also possible to attend a supplemental one-year medical course (in Swedish) before taking the TULE test.

Having previous work experience never hurts in AT applications and it is typically much easier to get an AT in the more rural parts of Sweden.

As for language knowledge in Sweden, pretty much everyone is (more or less) familiar with English. German used to be almost as big as English, once upon a time, but these days the majority of younger Swedes pick another third language in elementary / high school.
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