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From Italy

Accreditation, permit of residence, Swedish language, licensing, specialist training, et cetera.

19 dec 2012, 02:49

Hi everybody! I just graduated from an Italian medical school and mean to apply for an AT program next year, as I cannot speak Swedish yet and therefore don't think a residency program would be an option with many chances to get in for me, even if I will have a licence to practice here in Italy by February 2013. I was wondering whether you could enlighten me a little bit about the steps to follow after I get an ok from SocialStyrelsten (hopefully I will send my documents by next week). I understand I have to wait until the 1st week of March but am not sure about what to do exactly after that time (or even if I can get in touch with some hospitals before that time in order to improve my chances).
Thank you all in advance,

19 dec 2012, 03:16

Sorry, I also wanted to ask your personal opinion about the AT programs and the role of the postgraduates in the Swedish medical system.

22 dec 2012, 17:39

Hi Paola! :)

If you get an Italian medical license, you will not be able to go into the AT intership program since it is only available for those without a European medical license.
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05 jan 2013, 15:10

Thank you for your reply!

I was uncertain about this rule so last months I sent my documents to apply for an AT program. Do you think it will be an issue if I do it over again in March to get my licence approved instead of my diploma? What do you think I should in order to get a shot at a recidency program?

Thank you and happy new year!

05 jan 2013, 17:13

In general, I would guess the following things would be good for your chances:

* Clinical experience
* Swedish language skills
* Previous contact with employer, or employees who can vouch for you
* Being prepared to accept a residency in a peripheral region
* Research experience (if going for residency in dense region)

(By "peripheral region" I refer to the northern half of Sweden, the region north of Gothenburg or the southeast of Sweden. By "dense region" I refer to Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö, Lund or Uppsala.)

05 jan 2013, 22:45

Thank you Nils! Do you think:
1) it would be possible for me to get in touch with the hospitals after the residency spots available come out in the 9th week even if my license to practice has not been validated yet by the SS (I take the exam on Febuary 7th and I understand the SS takes some time to evaluate the requests)?
2) it will be a problem to get my licence validated if I have already mistakenly sent my diploma validation papers?
3) there is any chance to get an AT spot if I do not validate my Italian license or it is a strict exclusion criteria?
Thank you so much!

18 jan 2013, 17:11

Dear Paola

i am an Italian doctor who is looking too for a place as ST-läkare (il nostro specializzando) in Sverige.

Since our exam cover the license to practice exam we don't need to ask for an AT. Ok our 3 months practice it's ridicolous in front of an AT however you have to consider that AT is a bottle neck for many Swedes younger doctors, they have to wait months or years and often they have to move in the north.

That it's at least what i have learned in 9 months informing about Swedish Medicine School and work prospective.

The best thing you can do is ask for a job (free or not it depends from employer) somewhere (Vardecentral,Hospital,anything else where yoiu are interested) for take a reference before try to apply as ST, consider it's more or less required a B2 Svenska for ST (that neither i have actually unfortunately).
Consider also that often most of the vikariat jobs are paid abroad of Italy, only we are slaved to do nothing and look patients. Same students are often paid for work in hospitals...

I hope i had helped you a bit!
Ti auguro buona fortuna davvero perchè ce ne vuole e tanta!
(good luck!)

Paolo B

25 jan 2013, 18:10

Thank you!
Is that what you did? Contacting the hospitals independently from their ST program offers?