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Can anyone help me calculate my meritvärde?


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07 feb 2016, 14:02

IB = International Baccalaureate

05 feb 2016, 21:10

Please what is IB, as i am looking for possible ways to Higher My result. Now am in 14.57 against 17 to study nursing

02 dec 2013, 18:34

The first thing I did was order a HP practice book, which helped me to become familiar with the types of questions. One thing I noticed is that the level of math required is really not that high, but if one isn't familiar with the format of the questions, then it would be easy to get several wrong. The more you practice, the less of a problem the format poses. I originally found the NOG section to be rather tricky, but I improved over time as I became accustomed to the questions.

I did several practice exams to help me study. The most difficult section for me was ORD because there are just so many vocabulary words and it's impossible to learn them all. I spent a long time on and tried to learn new words there, but even then, there's only so much that one's brain can remember. The Swedish reading comprehension (LÄS) was also challenging because time became a factor for me. I think that reading more Swedish literature, articles, etc. would have helped me attain a higher score.

On the day of the HP, I noticed that there were several people who took time to read through the instructions card that they pass out before the exam begins. This card explains how to approach the different kinds of questions and how to answer them. You don't want to be one of those people who is just trying to figure out what the questions mean on the day of the test!

02 dec 2013, 14:28

@ bluejay43

Hi, thanks for the post you really inspired me to take HP more positively rather than to dread it :)
Gotta say I'm impressed at your score which must have solely come from much effort and hard work !
May I ask tho, how did you specifically prepare for the HP? Did you mostly work with the past exams or did you have any other strategy? Id love some pointers on that :)


29 nov 2013, 21:01


I'm another foreigner who has applied for the läkarprogram. I would seriously encourage you to take the Högskoleprov in April, as it can only help your prospects. I took the HP this past October after only having studied Swedish for nine months, and I got a 1,60 (better than 96% of test takers). I got a 2,0 on the math and a 1,2 on the verbal, so there is certainly some truth in the notion that the verbal section is more challenging for foreigners. However, English is my native language, and I did not lose any points on the English sections, which certainly helped to stop the bleeding. I really think the math section is quite easy, provided that you study beforehand and become familiar with the types of questions. On the whole, don't necessarily believe all the hype that the HP is an impossible exam until you've actually taken it.

29 nov 2013, 20:54

Yes I totally agree with you !
I definitely need to do some thinking and weigh my options :)

You've been a great help tho so thank you very much! :)
much appreciated :)

29 nov 2013, 20:45

To get into KI with BII you'd need a decent hp score, as the lowest grade admitted in the BII in the last spring term had a 22.5 and a 1.25 score and the meritvärde never dropped below the maximum. You're right, not being on par Swedish wise with the other people who sit the exam can be quite a disadvantage. But I'm sure if you're good at maths it could somehow compensate a low verbal score, but not a very low one. I do recommend though thinking through the alternatives you have. Relocating (assuming you live in Stockholm) to attend other universities in the country isn't a death sentence, change is inevitable and you could also save some time :P

That's my 2 cents. Do what you think is the most fitting though =].

29 nov 2013, 20:21

hmm do you mean even without having done högskoleprovet? I would be willing to spend another half a year to reach 22.5 if that can get me a place at KI tho:)..
you think that could be a possibility? KI in the quota BII with a 22.5 ?
(I will certainly have a go at hp but i do think my swedish language skills would somewhat limit me from getting a competitive grade with other swedish fellow students)

29 nov 2013, 19:59

I want to add though that there's been a trend in the last few years that the BII quotas are becoming less difficult to get into, as in 22.5 isn't a must. If you look over the admission statistics, Linköping, Umeå and Örebro all have admitted people in the 22.1-22.2 range, not in the first urval but in the later stages. This is especially true during the vårtermin when it is relatively easier to get a spot. So you do not have to aim for that perfect 22.5 as you can get somewhat lower and still be admitted.

29 nov 2013, 19:47

If you are sure regarding your abilities in the subjects you are planning to take, I think that is a very sound plan.