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Linköping vs Uppsala


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28 jul 2013, 14:53

Tack så mycket för din hjälp Nils!! :glad:

28 jul 2013, 14:44

I am not sure I would call it a big one, though I guess it could be sufficient if you just want to get to and from Helsinki. I have no personal experience flying to or from there, my flights (between other parts of Sweden) always pass through Arlanda...

28 jul 2013, 13:39

Yes, you're right, close location to Arlanda airport is one more pro for Uppsala. But isn't there a big airport in Norrköping too? I'm in BI admission quota. I thought not that PBL oriented university would be better choice at least in the beginning when Swedish language is quite a challenge for me...

28 jul 2013, 12:11

Linköping's medical degree program is known as "The" (with capital T) PBL medical education while Uppsala switched much later and, I presume, to a less extensive variant of the system.

One more reason for you to pick Uppsala would be that it is very close to Arlanda airport, while Linköping is farther away, in case you are planning to visit Finland during your medical studies.

To guess your chances I would need to know which admission quota you are the 4th reserve in... ;)
BI: very good chances
BII: still likely but less certain, more of a toss-up
BF: quite unlikely
HP: pretty much guaranteed

28 jul 2013, 10:16

Thank you for your answer! It sounds like Uppsala would be a better choice, that's what I supposed due to bigger population and shorter distance to Stockholm. Do both of these universities use problem based learning? And yes, sorry I expressed myself unclear. I am accepted to Linköping, I'm holding 4th reserve spot to Uppsala. What do you think about my chances to get in Uppsala? Uppsala must be wanted so maybe getting in is not as probable as I thought first.

27 jul 2013, 23:35

Uppsala University is more internationally recognised and frequently ends up in top 100 rankings. Linköping University, on the other hand, has a history of producing physicians with a better average score on the AT test.

I would guess that Uppsala has a more international "student atmosphere" than Linköping and the proximity to Stockholm does not hurt in that regard. Uppsala usually (but far from always) gets more foreign-born medical students than Linköping and Uppsala may actually be breaking a new record this coming semester:

How did you get admitted to both universities? As far as I know, it is only possible to get admitted to one medical degree program at a time (and hold reserve spots at the others which were ranked higher in the application).

27 jul 2013, 22:36


I'm from Finland and I'm going to start my medicine studies in Sweden this autumn. I got accepted to both Linköping and Uppsala university. I'm having trouble choosing between these two universities and as foreigner would like to hear which one would you recommend (for a foreign student)? Is the other of these med schools more popular and "respected" one? Do you know which one has international atmosphere and more foreign medicine students?

All kind of thoughts and recommendations (pros and cons) of these cities and universities are welcome! :glad:

Thank you for your advice and opinion! :glad: